Where is all my content? I got hacked roughly around April 2020 and since then I didn’t get enough time to work on my blog or simply share my random personal opinions.

Well, the best part is that now I am working on something bigger and focused (definitely far better than Bollywood drama and one-minute opinions).

I am currently developing a web-based knowledge source for studying solar energy and photovoltaic science. It is completely free and open and is aimed to become one of the largest resources on the web in the field.

I started with the idea in June 2021 and I am planning to develop the proposed modules by the end of the year. I also want to write articles on frequently asked questions about the residential and commercial solar energy system installations and show the importance of adapting to renewable energy in day to day lives and not merely think of it as a future thing.

I have already been approached by people/retailers to monetise/commercialise it, but it is too early and I personally believe that it is my effort in giving back to the community (also probably discovering how much I know of the field).

Do I need help? Yes, definitely I do. If you think this is a good idea and you want to get on the boat, please email me at yourfriends@study.solar (It’s still only me who will be replying.)

If you want to visit the website: https://study.solar